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Techniques and software for apartment building detailed engineering automation

Development of techniques for business processes digitalization and software for project documentation and detailed engineering automation.


The task is to develop technologies and software to automatize the design of residential apartment buildings, as well as to integrate models and documents into the company's production line.

The purposes of developing and implementing an information system for a customer are reducing project development time and the design cost, as well as minimizing the influence of the human factor on the design errors occurrence.

The data system designed will allow:

  • Design residential buildings with the designing engineer minimal involvement, saving time and budget;
  • Simulate scenarios of changes in the management system, as well as production and technological processes;
  • Analyze the results and the impact of the changes made on the volume and quality performance indicators.

It will also provide automated preparation of project documentation.


The project is divided into two stages:

  • Technical audit: the design processes are analyzed, and, based on the information received, procedures for design digitalization are developed, as well as system specifications are determined;
  • Software module design and implementation.

The first stage of the project is now fully completed. As part of the second stage, the issues under development are:

  • Techniques of computer-aided design and adjustment of engineering systems and structural solutions, including algorithms for automated preparation of project documentation for a BIM model, as well as models of residential buildings trial design;
  • Project timing and cost models;
  • Software modules for computer-aided design, project documentation of residential apartment buildings in terms of automation of design and calculation of building engineering  systems, performing basic tasks (for example, authorization services, user management, etc.)

The development of the target architecture of software and technical solutions for the residential building design digitalization, based on the techniques available, continues.

The system will provide:

  • Automated assembly of a construction project digital model based on standard elements and modules of design solutions;
  • Automated preparation of project documentation;
  • Residential building trial design based on a multi-criteria matrix.


Software programming languages and frameworks: C#, typescript, java
Platforms and frameworks: .net, nestjs, angular 2+
CVS: Git (Gitlab)
Modelling software: Autodesk Revit

Ключевые исполнители

Project manager: M.V. Bolsunovskaya, Head of the Industrial Systems for Streaming Data Processing Laboratory, NTI Center, SPbPU