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Information system for owners, investors and residents of investment hotels

A scalable platform that implements functionality for owners, investors and residents of the IN2IT Investment Hotel, providing for convenient and efficient communication and use of external services for all participants.


The format of the IN2IT Investment Hotel is an innovative offer on the apart-hotel market, which involves both the purchase of housing for personal residence and investment in the framework of equity programs. The management company undertakes obligations for the most efficient operation of the building in order to create comfortable conditions for residents and provide the declared level of profitability for investors.

The development and, most importantly, the introduction of new business models based on the reduction of the profit chain and the concept of maximum transparency is impossible without the use of modern information technologies.

The task was to develop a multifunctional tool for communication of all participants in the "investment hotel ecosystem" comprising investors, residents and the management company.


A prototype of a software package for providing services to users and real estate management of the invest-hotel format has been developed. The system consists of an expandable scalable server platform, two mobile applications running Android 12.0 and iOS 10.0, and a number of web applications for users and administrators.

The second stage of the development aimed at working with investors is now under completion. As part of the implemented functionality, through their personal accounts, the investors can:

  • Effectively find out about installment and debt payments or payments under profitability programs
  • Manage their investments
  • monitor the progress of the facility construction
  • Receive news and background information about the facility.


The mobile application is designed for two operating systems: iOS and Android.

To obtain data on investors and their objects (units), integration with three third-party customer services was performed:

  • amoCRM: a source of contact information for the investor and data on his agreements (contracts)
  • ProfitBase: a source of data on objects (units) of investors
  • 1C: a source of data on installment payment schedules and payments to investors on the selected yield program.

At the moment, the prototype of the system with the described software modules has been handed over to the customer indicating the application development options until 2021. They aim at developing existing functionality and service functions for residents of investment hotels already built-in. In addition, it is planned to develop the system in the line of the “smart house” concept, i.e., automated control of building engineering systems.

Project stages:

  1. Creation of the Minimal Value Product and its demonstration to the leadership of the PLG group of companies and potential users (May 2019)
  2. Full-featured working version for investors at the construction stage (October 2019).

In the next stages, it is planned to add functionality for investors, connect the roles of the residents and the managing company to participate in the activities of the investment hotel using the platform, and integration with third-party services.

Flutter technology was used in the course of work; it allows developing cross-platform mobile applications.

Currently, the functionality of the information system for investors is under expansion; preparation for the release of a fully functional working version for investors is at the construction stage.

Technical advantages:

  • Scalability through micro service architecture
  • Cross-platform compatibility through the use of Flutter technology.


OS Linux, Windows, MacOS
CVS git (Gitlab)
DBMS/DB Postgres
DevOps Docker, Docker-compose, Kubernetes, GitLab CI/CD, EFK
Back-end Java 12, Spring Boot 2 (Core, Data, Security), Hibernate, Maven, PostgreSQL, Neo4J, Minio, Firebase, Swagger, LombokWeb
Web HTML5, CSS3, Stylus, Angular material, Bootstrap, Typescript
Mobile Flutter/Dart, BLoC, RxDart, Kotlin, Swift, Alamofire, Coordinator pattern


    Ключевые исполнители

    • Project manager: M. Bolsunovskaya
    • Project technical manager: M. Chernorutsky
    • Project coordinators: A. Gintsiak, D. Vasiliev
    • Backend-developers: A. Roshchina, P. Bogdanov
    • iOS-developers: D. Zyablikov, E. Goloviznin
    • Android-developers: K. Ignatyev, N. Kuzmin, D. Grafov
    • Web-developers:  A. Garaga, A. Nikitina
    • DevOps:  A. Zorin
    • Testers: I. Sergeev, Y. Mikheeva

    Индустриальные партнёры

    Plaza Lotus Group