Discuss possible options

Conduct research; study and present possible technical solutions to the customer

Prepare technical design specification

Compose and modify the technical design specification based on the customer’s preferences and the chosen solutions

Search for third-party financing

Consider the possibility of partial third-party financing in the form of budgetary and extra-budgetary funds, programs of scientific and technical development of the RF.

Receive preliminary approval

Compose and approve a preliminary agreement on the scope, cost and timing of work

Submit a joint application

When applying for a grant competition, the customer’s organization acts as an industrial partner.

Signing of a trilateral agreement

If the application wins, agree and sign a trilateral agreement among the laboratory, the customer, and the Fund. The agreement includes the technical design specification, terms and cost of the work.

Perform the work

Perform the initial analysis; design, develop, implement and test at the customer’s site; if necessary, work with external experts

Submit the results of work

Provide a full set of scientific, technical and user documentation, software (including those deployed on the computing power of the customer) and hardware for each project along with training and consultations for staff on working with the system.

Outline the task

Discuss with the customer the problem that we can solve and formulate the goals and objectives of the project